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Sports Injuries

What is Bio-Regeneration?

The term refers to the concept of using a person’s own body elements as a stimulant for healing damaged tissue. Tissue destruction or damage is done when injury occurs during sports or occurs with some other sudden movement event that results in pain. The damaged tissue will send out chemical messengers to the body’s normal reparative mechanisms and, in most but not all circumstances, the tissue will heal and pain stop. The chemical messengers may produce ongoing inflammation which leads to ongoing pain from the damaged tissue or body part. If oral anti-inflammatory medications or injectable anti-inflammatory medications do not quiet the inflammation then a stubborn chronic pain state may develop.

Another approach involves injecting small amounts of the body’s own elements into an inflamed and damaged tissue site that may result in healing and relief of chronic pain. The elements of the body that are used for this at PCI are particle elements of the blood called platelets. These formed elements can be obtained by drawing blood from a patient and processing it in a sterile fashion to concentrate the platelets which are then injected into the damaged tissue site in a precise way. Other body elements currently being studied are fat cells and bone marrow cells.

The appeal of this technique is that it is a body’s own parts that are providing the healing mechanism as opposed to pharmaceuticals which are a foreign chemical. Many find this attractive since the pharmaceutical most often used is a steroid of one type or another. The side effects of steroids are avoided if the platelets are used as the curative agent.

The downsides to the platelets is the cost involved as most insurance companies have refused to include platelet harvesting, processing, and injection as a covered benefit. Most insurance considers it an unproven technique. There are many studies that show it to be a useful technique but the number of patients studied is still small relative to other studies that show benefits of medical technology. PCI offers this technique for golfer’s and tennis elbow, knee cartilage problems, shoulder muscle and tendon tears, shoulder cartilage problems, Achilles tendon tears, plantar fasciitis, and other joint arthritis. The approximate cost is $500.00 each session which may cover 1 or 2 sites of injection.

We are happy to discuss these techniques in person or over the phone.